Tips for Starting and Running a Successful Cleaning Services Business in Canada

The professional cleaning services business in Canada, including office cleaning, has registered a tremendous growth rate over the last couple of years. Partially, a significant part of the sector’s success can be attributed to industry’s opportunity depth as well as its wide array of markets. It is a highly flexible business that can be run on either a full-time or a part-time basis. Provision of cleaning services is a low-tech business, which could be good or bad depending on factors considered, but technology has definitely had a significant impact on the sector.

Take a look at the following tips before you dive into the professional cleaning service business.

Find a Niche

You can decide to serve multiple markets simultaneously; it’s a totally realistic approach or just focus on one area. However, industry experts recommend that you concentrate on a niche, such as office cleaning and focus on creating a successful brand that will sufficiently serve the target market before expanding to other services.

Only Hire the Number of Employees You Need

Hire the number of employees you need to keep the business operational. You can increase the number of employees as the business grows but in early business stages, just hire a few people, and you can also do some of the work yourself.

Notify Potential Clients That You Are Available For Office Cleaning

Call local companies, place ads on the newspaper or send an email to surrounding businesses notifying them that you do office cleaning. Creating an official website for your business in early stages can be a good idea.

Set an Hourly Rate or a General Price List

You are probably going to use a set of unique prices for each client but setting a general price will provide a guideline for doing so.

Purchase Liability Insurance

Liability insurance will protect you from financial losses in case of an accident caused by the operations of your business.

Obtain a License

Visit the registration or licensing department within your locality and apply for a business license. You may conduct the necessary research online to familiarize yourself with the requirements of the business.

Understand the Market

Primarily, the cleaning business market is classified into two major groups: commercial and consumer. The commercial arena, which typically provides a wider variety of services is filled by companies offering janitorial services. These companies focus on providing corporate cleaning services to large firms and institutions.

There are smaller businesses in this category that concentrate on providing specific services such as window and carpet cleaning. On the other hand, the consumer arena’s primary focus is domestic maid services and other non-frequent cleaning services such as window cleaning and carpet cleaning. The cleaning industry has provided a lot of employment opportunities in the country, on both full-time and part time-basis. Visit for more information.

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