What to Look For in a New Commercial Refrigerator

The investment of new equipment for your restaurant is not a matter to take lightly, and you likely are focused on trying to find the best appliance for your needs at the best price available. A refrigerator is one of the most commonly purchased types of restaurant equipment, and there are many sizes to choose from to meet your needs. However, size is not the only factor to consider when making a buying decision. For example, there are different types of refrigerators for different needs as well as various feature available in each type. While cost is inevitably a factor to consider when buying kitchen equipment, you can also focus on these factors to make a better decision for your facility. Remember that your decision will impact your team’s daily work life for years to come.

Types of Refrigeration Units
One of the easiest ways to narrow down the type of kitchen equipment you want to buy is to look at different types of refrigeration units. For example, there are large wall units that are designed to cover your most significant refrigeration needs. These may have a separate unit for refrigeration versus freezing. There are also smaller units that are designed to be placed out in your main dining area or your checkout area, and these may be suitable for keeping drinks or other smaller items cool. In addition to these features, there are also smaller refrigeration units for the kitchen, which may include refrigerated prep table coolers.

Features to Look For
While you want to narrow down your kitchen equipment options by focusing on these different types of units, you also need to pay attention to the different features in each unit. All have a temperature control knob and doors or drawers with shelving to hold your foods and beverages, but this is where the similarities end. Some of the most advanced commercial refrigerators have airtight crispers, convertible refrigerator-freezer sections, temperature controlled drawers, herb storage areas, pull-out shelves and more. Depending on how you use your refrigerator, you may find true functional benefit in some of these features.

Refrigeration is an imperative part of your kitchen equipment needs, and you and your staff members may enjoy greater convenience as well as improved productivity and efficiency when you have several refrigerators in various areas of the restaurant. Take time to analyze your refrigeration needs in different areas of your venue as a first step. Then, research the kitchen equipment models online that may best meet your needs. Look for features that will add true functionality to your use of the equipment that is priced at an affordable level for your budget. A lot of the resources at Nella Cutlery could be useful if you want more information.

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