Why Shred Paper Documents When You’re Done With Them

No one wants their information to fall into the wrong hands. Therefore, it may be worth your while to convert paper documents into electronic files. This allows you to clear space in your office or storage area while ensuring that only certain people have access to those files. Why is it important that you shred those paper documents after you no longer need them?

Can You Keep Track of all That Paper?

If even one piece of paper falls into the hands of a thief or someone else who shouldn’t see it, it could cause a serious security breach. While the information on that piece of paper may contain nothing more than a phone number or email address, it could be all that a criminal needs to steal a person’s identity. If there is a social security number on that piece of paper, an employee or customer could be the victim of identity theft before he or she even knew that his or her personal information was compromised.

Paper Fades Over Time

The information on a piece of paper could fade over time, which means that it is essentially useless for a company or an individual to keep. Old employment documents may no longer be easy to read, which means that an employee may need to fill out a new withholding form or a new form stating that he or she is still legal to work in the United States. As long as you are updating the forms, it makes more sense to store them digitally where individuals can look up their information and keep track of it at their convenience.

Paper Documents Can Still Be Altered

All it takes is a single pencil eraser or a single pen stroke to alter a document. In many cases, making a physical mark to a document renders it invalid. For instance, if someone were to access a paper copy of a will and make a change to that document, it would likely be declared by a court to no longer be legally binding. In fact, most lawyers and other professionals recommend that a will or other estate planning document be typed and stored on a secure server to prevent such alterations. This may be a good idea for any other documents that could be vulnerable to being altered in any way.

Paper shredding companies can make it easier to ensure that records aren’t altered without your knowledge or consent. By converting your paper documents to digital files kept on a secure server, you know exactly where your important records are, who has access to them and if any changes have been made to them. That gives you an opportunity to stop the theft of sensitive data or help you catch whoever may have done so in the past. The Shred-it website may be able to provide you with more information.

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