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News Release June 1, 2010

EGS & Online Advertising Income launch new online advertising service to Investement related web sites

Ad Location

Ad Style




1. Button (2.5 x 1 inch)




2. Sm. Banner (2.5 x 2 inch)



Web site

1. Button (150 x 30 pixels)



Web Site

2. Banner (460 x 60 pixels)



Traffic Boosters

1. URL Rotator




2. Traffic Exchanges




3. SE Submission



TB Package

4. Link Exchanges
5. All 4 Traffic Boosters


$47 (1/3 OFF)                                                


$ 470

Ad Package 1.

1. + 1. + 1. Above

$159 ($213.90 Value)

($2139 Value)

Ad Package 2.

2. + 2. + 5. Above

$318 ($365 Value)

($3,650 Value)



I will create Your Own Café Press Store
such as one you can see here: 

$99 One-Time
Set up Fee

Also ask about our Web Hosting services and opportunities at

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Newsletter Distribution

EGS is a subscription based hardcopy and email publication. So not only is EGS targeted to stock market investors and industry players - unlike freebie publications, 90% of which get deleted before they are read, EGS is highly regarded and it is read. Here’s an unsolicited comment from a subscriber regarding the October 2008 Issue:

“Thanks for another great issue. It really makes you think about the world, but also about your investment strategy. With all the changes in the world there must be changes in your investment behavior and expectations. I think this makes Emerging growth Stocks even more important.”

For competitive reasons, exact numbers remain undisclosed but with regard to distribution I can tell you EGS is distributed to:

1. A substantial Paid Subscriber hardcopy and email data base
2. A lengthy complimentary list of newsletters and industry contacts
3. A lengthy Media list of Investment related publications such as Investors Digest of Canada, Bull & Bear, and a dozen or so others
4. Large numbers of hardcopy handouts at conferences, etc.

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